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Job Description of SSFS DirectorOperation DepartmentSHANGHAI

一、Basic Information

Department: Operation Department

Reporting to : Deputy General Manager

Job Description: responsible for the daily security management and the on-site security and guest service management of events, including but not limited to risk management, lost prevention, fire and human safety, security and safety training, investigation, budgeting, disaster prevention and personnel management.


1、College degree or above, related working experience;

2、The lead management team who set an example;

3、Able to work according to the relevant rules and regulations;

4、Acquire the knowledge of criminal background checks, employment checks and illegal drugs screenings, etc.

5、Master the knowledge of entry control of closed circuit television, fire alarm system, and computer system as well as radio communication;

6、Capable of managing and motivating, and leading the department employees to work;

7、Able to cope with the crisis effectively, and deal with pressure;

8、Have good English communication skills;

9、Adapt to work at night, weekends and holidays.


1、Under the leading of DGM, be responsible for the daily security and guest service management;

2、Establish and perfect the management system and organization structure of Security Department;

3、While the emergency happens, to carry out the effective disposal according to the Emergency Response Plan, and to cooperate with the venue on crisis PR; 

4、Prepare the department annual work plan and implement it within responsibility range;

5、Responsible for communicating with external partners such as PSB, anti-terrorist office and city management office etc; 

6、Provide the reasonable advice on the reporting materials to PSB, according to the national rules and laws, and the actual safety requirements of MBA;

7、Responsible for the daily and event-day security and fire protection management and ensure the personal and property safety of tourists, audiences and employees; 

8、Regularly organize the activities of “fire prevention”, “prevention of thievery”, “prevention of vandal”, and “prevention of natural disaster”, if any hidden trouble or unsafe factor is found, to submit the rectification suggestions; and issue the Rectification Notice on the serious hidden danger and solve the problems within the definite time;

9、Responsible for setting up the budget, final accounts, and the annual plan, grasping the income, spending, consumption, cost, and profit, etc, for improving the economic benefits; 

10、Coordinating the safety and security management during large-scale events, and to realize the targets of no safety accident. 

四、Major assessment indicators

1、Ensure the venues property safety of the visitors, employees and anything in the venue, without any accident;

2、Ensure providing high quality guest service, no big complaint; 

3、Revenue target of Parking Lot

4、Perfect and update all rules and procedures, and ensure the smooth operation;

5、Complete the department’s training target, nurture and develop the employees;

6、Supervision to the outsourcing company;

7、Supervise and control employees’ daily work, behavioral norms and the turnover rate of the team members;

8、Good communication and coordination with departments, with team-work spirit, sense of organization and perceptiveness;

9、Control the departmental budget in the reasonable scope;

10、Reach the guest satisfaction index to safety and security service: 85%.

Data Analyst InternInformation Technology DepartmentSHANGHAI

一、Job Description

1. The use of business intelligence platform for professional data analysis and completes the data collection, statistics, and prepare reports

2. Organize the audience customer data and analysis consumer demographic and behaviors

二、 Responsibilities

1. Data analysis for assistance

2. Establish department daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual data analysis report

3. Set up and analysis of “the passenger flow statistics”, “Alipay use reports”, "WeChat use report", "Youku use report", "Website use reports", “EDM using statements”, "Wi-Fi access report", find out the related data of various community platform, and gives a reasonable improvement suggestion


1. Familiar with MS Office software

2. The university English four levels of above

Please send the resume to hr@mbarena.com

Associate Director of Sales & AccountCommercialSHANGHAI
Job Purpose:Responsible for planning, implementing and directing the sales activities of the company in suites and sponsorships sales to achieve budgeted target. Ensure customer satisfaction at a high level.

Tasks and Duties
Strategy designing and goal planning
1)Organize  industry analysis and report on regular basis; Providing business insights with potential opportunities; 
2)Plan annual work and break down target according long term strategy;
3)Periodically analyze the business data and provide decision-making reference for Commercial Director;

Customer management
1)  Lead activation team to ensure sponsors’ ambitions and objectives are achieve;
2)Work as account manager for naming right sponsor(MB) ensuring high client satisfaction;
3)Lead on the refining and planning the delivery of all the contracted entitlements of the sponsors and suite holders to ensure that expectations are met and exceeded;
4)Conduct annual report and business review with all sponsors;
5)Address client complaints by providing immediate solutions and actions;
6)Manage account database and ensure they are up-to-date in the BI system
7)Build relationships with key personnel within customer accounts;

Sales management
1)Lead sales team to achieve annual sales target whilst meet company long term strategy; 
2)Lead activation team and hospitality team to achieve renewal targets;
3)Establish performance standards, set up individual KPI for each team member, find ways to improve service levels and explore further business opportunities;
4)Develop business tool box/score card for sales and account team ensure all performance can be tracked and visualized;
5)Manage sales and account team, oversee their day to day management;

Team management
1)  Assist the Commercial Director to improve and consummate sales management in perfection and execute effectively; 
2)Manage the daily work of department; such as employees evaluation, motivation, training and development;
3)Follow up and manage team daily  processes and behavior on system, give feedback and suggestions for improvement;

1)  Other project based tasks; 
2)Contractual Obligation Fulfillment - Monitor contractual obligation fulfillment for account and sales team. Work with IT to ensure all obligations are 100% reflected in BI;
3)Work with Business Planning Manager on appreciation party and MBAC;
4)Responsible for the result of CSS and work with BP Sr. Manager for improvement;

1) Education Background-University Degree or above,Knowledge of the industry,Sales management knowledg;
2)  Training Experience-CET 6; 
3)Work Experience-5~7 years’ experience and exposure in sales/marketing environment ; 
4)  Professional Skills-Proficiency in industry knowledge, sales management knowledge
5)  Other Skills-Excellent written and verbal communication skills ,Skillful in organization and planning, problem analysis and problem-solving ,Excellent information management ,Excellent team-leadership,Skillful in formal presentation skills,Excellent decision-making,Proficiency in Microsoft office ;
6)Executive ability-Turn the goal into a clear plan, use the right resources and take action to accomplish the goal;
7)Customer concern-Concern for the needs of internal and external customers, improve products and services according to needs;
8)Planning and organization-Be able to plan according to available resources and actual conditions, with a strong focus, and develop a resource acquisition strategy for key links in terms of material or human resources ;
9)Tutoring subordinates-Provide positive and negative growth feedback to subordinates in a constructive way to help and guide their growth ;
10)Performance management-Participate with team members in making performance planning, communicating performance coaching, performance evaluation, etc., and continuously improve performance of individuals, departments and organizations ;
11)Strategic mind-Be able to develop a grand and unique strategy to lead the company in industry ;
12)Commercial sensitivity-Be able to identify and grasp the business opportunities that contribute to  strategic goals of company ;

Please send the resume to hr@mbarena.com
TreasurerFinancial DepartmentSHANGHAI

Job Description:

Assist the CFO in performing all-round financial management and carry out the financial work assigned by foreign shareholders, including preparing/executing annual budgets; performing and reviewing annual audits; and promoting the execution of important work regarding taxation, insurances, banks and annual bonus.

Main job content and responsibilities
Financial reporting
1)Prepare and submit the monthly and annual US GAAP Financial Statements; 
2)Reconcile and identity the key differences between the US GAAP and China GAAP Financial Statements;

3)Coordinate and complete the monthly event flash report;

4)Carry out the monthly forecast and operating performance analysis;

5)Monthly report of cash position and the cash flow forecast;

Work about financial declarations

1)Recheck monthly routine tax reports and work of accounting specialists; guide accounting specialists to carry out major annual work about taxation, including annual final settlements and payments, post-taxation surveys and tax declaration for paying dividends to shareholders ;

2)Assist the CFO in facilitating applications for annual government subsidies ;

3)Declare insurances for routine operations of the arena and days of events; track claims for insurances and assist the CFO annual insurance renewal;

Other routine work

1)Assist CFO in preparing and executing annual budgets; recheck routine financial work, including work outcomes of the General Ledger Accountant, the Accountant Receivable, the Accountant Payable and the Cashier; recheck different financial reports of the arena ;

2)Collaborate with the General Ledger Accountant to perform annual external audits of the arena, coordinate annual audits of foreign shareholders and cooperate with Chinese   shareholders in annual audits;

3)Review and approval of expense report and vendor payments;

4)Coordinate and promote accounting and scrapping of proprietors’ fixed assets  ;

5)Collaborate with the CFO in managing departmental employees, including training, attendance and team building;

6)Complete financial documentation for Mid-Year and End-of-Year Operating Committee meeting;


 Educational Background

1)Bachelor’s or higher Degree, Major in Accounting;

2)Qualified accountant is preferred but is not necessary;

Training Experience 
1)Hold a CPA certificate;

2)Receive continuing education in accounting;

Work Experience
1)Over 5 years of experiences in related industries;
2)Over 8 years of experiences in financial management;

3)Previous experience working in the China Joint Venture;

4)Communication experience with local tax office;

5)Previous work experiences cover 7 to 10 years of experiences in managing complete financial teams, 3 to 5 years of financial work experiences in culture/entertainment industries, 3 to 5 years of financial work experiences in commercial real estate, 5 to 7 years of work experiences in coordinating with shareholders, and 3 to 5 years of experiences in taxation practices;

 Professional Knowledge

1)Knowledge in both US GAAP and China GAAP reporting;

2)Venue and entertainment industry knowledge is preferred but not necessary;

3)Know a lot about financial settlements in culture & entertainment industries;

4)Know about financial settlements and taxation practices in commercial real estate;

1)Excellent skills in financial settlement and management;
2)Venue and entertainment industry knowledge is preferred;
3)Good communication and business writing skill in English and Chinese;
4)Operate Excel, PPT and Word skilfully;

5)Have a good command of knowledge about taxation practices and promptly know about changes to taxation policies


1)Executive power-Turn objectives into definite plans, utilize appropriate resources and take actions to attain goals;
2)Analyze and solve problems-Discover, define and analyze problems; find out several solutions;
3)Deal with pressure-Be capable of regulating personal emotions in face of pressure and deal with matters opportunistically;
4)Planning and organization-Make plans according to existing resources and practical situation; highlight key points and formulate strategies for acquiring human or material resources on key parts;

5)Tutor the subordinate-Offer positive and negative feedbacks to the subordinate concerning their growth constructively to help and guide their growth;

6)Communication and coordination-Convey personal viewpoints, effectively coordinate, communicate with others and share information;

7)Influence-Create a win-win situation with convincing arguments and effectively respond to others  to make them agree with personal viewpoints;

Please send the resume to hr@mbarena.com

Suite Account RepresentativeCommercialSHANGHAI

Job Purpose

Develop and implement customer service policies in the suites, enhance customer relationships and meet company objectives maintain.

Tasks and Duties
Customer management
1)Ensure that the agreed performance standards of service providers (K&K and etc) in the suites are met;
2)Build and manage all suite holder’s relationships;

3)Manage tickets delivery to existing suite clients for each event;

4)Coordinate between clients, engineering team, MEP, security team for suite renovation and maintenance;

5)Meet with suite clients on regular basis and report back abnormal issues and client complaints;

6)Address client complaints by providing immediate solutions and actions;

7)Record all issues on logbook;

8)Ensure suite clients’ database is comprehensive and up-to-date in BI;

9)Support Partnership Managers for sponsor activation or report when necessary;

10)Responsible for helping the guests passing F&B requirements to K&K in advance;

11)Regular check on clients’ suites, make sure the suites are in good condition before each;

12)Manage suite customer database and ensure they are up-to-date in the BI system;

13)Work with Business Senior Planning Manager on appreciation party and customer related events;

14)Preparation on welcome package to the New Suite Clients;

15)Manage F&B quotation in each suites, coordinate with K&K, remind suite holders of the account balance;


1)Achieve annual sales targets on suites renewal;

2)Other project based tasks;


Education Background 

1)University Degree or above ;

2)Sales and service background ;

Training Experience

1)CET 6;

Work Experience

1)3~5 years’ previous sales and service experience;

Professional Skills 
1)Familiar with law of contracts ;

2)Strong strategic, analytical, and project management skills;

Other Skills

1) Skillful in Microsoft Office ;

2)Proficiency in customer management ;

3)Excellent communication and writing skills;
4)Problem analysis and problem-solving;
5)Superb networking, teamwork, negotiation, and interpersonal/diplomatic skills with ability ;

6)Ability to develop strategic, proactive relationships with potential sponsors and corporate partners ;

7)Proactively take actions necessary to produce results ;


1)Responsibility-Love own work, have the courage to take responsibility, and unswervingly give full play to self-worth for the company's business development;

2)Executive ability-Turn the goal into a clear plan, use the right resources and take action to accomplish the goal;

3)Customer concern -Concern for the needs of internal and external customers, improve products and services according to needs;

4)Interpersonal competence-Understand, motivate and work with others;

5)Communication and coordination -Express own views, coordinate effectively and communicate and share information;

6)Commercial sensitivity-Be able to identify and grasp the business opportunities that contribute to  strategic goals of company;

Please send the resume to hr@mbarena.com