Winpics International sole purpose is to represent foreign sporting brands. Its main operation direction is to develop and sell sporting equipment and host sporting competition. Currently Winpics International is the exclusive brand distributor of Greater China area for the ice and snow sports brand such as Riedell and Warrior from the U.S., and Races from Italy. The store in the Mercedes-Benz Arena will be the first one and serve as an example of our retail business model. We offer only quality products with excellent services. Winpics International is aiming to be the leader of the industry and is working hard to achieve market expectation.

Important notification

The retail district of Mercedes-Benz Arena is open every day, free 360-degree aerial viewing deck,perfect river view with premium dining, relaxed entertainment experience, and parking discounts (Mercedes-Benz owners can also enjoy exclusive privileges of 10 yuan/day). In order to provide a safe and secure consumer experience, please read the safety instructions here.