The Rock Dancing is one of the top indoor rock climbing centers in Shanghai! It recently opened its new facilities at the Mercedes-Benz Arena with state-of-the-art walls and soft mat flooring, topnotch rout setting and vibrant community of climbers! In total, the height of the new venue is a thrilling 300 square meters! The climbing structure is 18 meters wide with a variety of difficulties. The rock wall is 4.5 meters high. The highest part of the wall is 12.8 meters, equipped with training walls that have a variety of angles, gripping and overhangs! Well-equipped, professional, instructors staff the entire facility; while also, maintaining an exhilarating environment that will get you addicted to the quickly growing sport of rock climbing!

The Rock Dancing Company was established in 2009. The company has high and intermediate level rock climbing program, coaches and offers a challenging terrain on the tallest wall of the retail area of Mercedes-Benz Arena.

The Rock Dancing is dedicated to training the next generation of rock climbers in Shanghai. Its focus is to develop the rock climbing sports and widely spread rock climbing centers in East China including Fujian and Jiangxi in the next coming years.

The Rock Dancing achieved honorary awards such as the “Top Ten Clubs”, “2016 Annual Advanced Shanghai Rock Climbing Stadium” and has been an active member of the Shanghai Mountaineering Association.

Is rock climbing your thing? Check out our special deals and rock-climbing schedule below to round out your fitness routine in the coming days.

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Tickets Single Tickets 40¥
Single Tickets 90¥
Single private teaching 300¥/60 min
Card ten times 600¥
month card 500¥
year card A 3000¥
year card B 4000¥
year card C 10000¥
Curriculum Primary(ten hour) 2500¥
Intermediate(Twenty hour) 4600¥
Senior(Thirty hour) 6000¥
Booking From Monday to Friday 2000¥/H
Weekends and holidays 2500¥/H